Vajrasana Viharaya

In “Yaksha Gootrikayange Aprakata Thoraturu” book Sri Sudarshanaramaya situated in Makuleva Village, Mahaveli C mentioned as a place where Lord Buddha spent time. Archaeological ruins realize the truth about the place.

A shelter has mentioned as Lord Buddha’s place and the book explains “Vajrasana” (the seat used) surrounded by pagoda. The Shelter in “Hirivadunna” and “Vajrasana” are equal and it realize about shelters of Lord Buddha’s period used. Instead of shelters the are more “stone tombs” which used for building.

“Makularamaya” now use as “Makuleva”. It believable “Chandanamala Viharaya” which was done by “Punna thera” also “Makularamaya” and Lord Buddha had been invited by “Punna thera” when the time Lord Buddha spent time in “Jethawanaramaya”.


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