Nakha Vehera

The temple very close “Maane Kanda”. Lord Buddha’s left nail safety stored andworship is one reason why “Nakha vehera” is important. The second reason is “Nakha Vehera” was done by “Nakha mantha senapathi” who lived in “Mane Kanda”.

The left nail pick of lord Buddha received in “Mane Kanda” and stored safely in “Nakha Vehera”. Most of ruins lay on temple compound those are fetched from real places.
Lord Buddha has spent some time here.

From “Manekanda to Nakha Vehere” the “Underground tunnel” is not a secret more. Historical value and incidents about “Manekanda” is available in “Variga poornika”. The name “Neelagiriya became to Manekanda” by time to time.

“Nakha Vehera, Makuleva, Hirivadunna and Isinbessagala” has same architectural features.

In Lord Buddha’s period “Nakha Vehera” was under “Giribharatta” area.


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