“The King Ahoka built the 84,000 temples in India” it has mentioned in “Mahawanshaya”. The phrase of Mahawansha prove the previous Lumbiniya and most of statues not equal and it was not early to Lord Buddha’s period it was built by King Ahoka’s period. Because of most test and researches have been realized it is not so older. Step by step reality of Lord Buddha’s birth is Sri Lanka now comes out. As a result of following King Ashoka’s duplicates no one could realize the truth.

Now it is time to understand what the reality and time to give up myth. Visit and worship the correct places related with Lord Buddha’s is path way for Nibhana as Lord Buddha’s preaches.

According to the “Sakka Panna Sutra” after Siddhartha Kumara became Lord Buddha few years has spent “Indashala cave” which is close to “Salvanaya” where Siddhartha Kumara’s birthplace.

“Indashala cave” is situated in “Bambaragala Rajamaha Vihara, Theldeniya, Kandy, Sri Lanka according to the “Shilalekana Sangrahaya”. “Idashala Guha ShagaSha” prove it clearly.

Another letter says “Koligamehi Thube” mean “The Sthupa in Koliya Family’s village”

Koliya family is related to “Mahamaya deviya” the mother of “Siddhartha Kumara”.

“Wansaththappa Kasini” explain how earlier kings learnt about “Sakka Panna Sutra” from “Arashath Hamuduruwos”.

The “Sal Uyana” now became in to the name of “Thalwahthta” and it is close to “Bambaragala Rajamaha Viharaya”.

The Book of general knowledge about sea written by “Ichan Che Ke” who was in China has mentioned in his book the Lord Buddha’s birth place is Sri Lanka.

“Theldeniya, Siriwadunna, Isinbessa Gala, Budugala” names are related to Lord Buddha’s period.


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