Lord Buddha’s much time spent in Jethawanaramaya which was done by “Anatha Pindiak Situtuma”. Jethawanaramaya not in India it is in Sri Lanka.

“Anepidu Situthuma” got to know about Lord Buddha from “Rajagaha Situthuma” in “Chulla wagga paliya” this story has mentioned.

“Abikkama Gahapathi, Abhikkama Gahapathi Abhikkanthan te seiya nopatikkanthi” (Chulla wagga pali P. 160) “Yakka Sivaka” has said to “Anepidusitu” when he was waiting until morning to go to meet Lord Buddha. This “Yakka Sivaka” was regional ruler in Sri Lanka. In “Aata Natiya Sutra” king “Wessawana” has given responsibility of a region to this “Yakka Sivaka”. About this “Yakka Sivaka” has mentioned in the Shila Lekana of “Yak Adaviya Horowpathana”.

When compare with ancient literary it realizes “Anatha Pindika” the another name used as “Sudhaththa” is not Indian name it is Sinhalese name. His name has mentioned as “Batha Maha Datha” in ancient sellipi. 

Previous “Ritigala Naulpotha” was the “Jethawanaramaya”. The ruins of “Ponds, Mandapa, Sakman malu, Jaththaghara, Kuutaghara” says us the reality with out sounds.

As explain in preaches the “Jethawanaaramaya” has built in very silent calm and quiet place. “Chulla wagga pali” explain about nature descriptively. (“Suluwagga sena P.169)

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