Oldest history of Sri Lanka has been hidden since the translation of “ Hela Atuwa” books  to the “ Pali”. It was naming as  “ Sihala Atta Katha Mahawamsam” before the translate Mahawamsam to the Pali. Because of the strong  relationship of the authors of these books which translate to the Pali, their many fictions included to those books. Because of that , Indian origin came to first place over coming  the nation. There were so many incorrect fictions which written regarding “ King Lineage of Sri Lanka”  base on “Vijeya”. Not only that , same situation made to the “Thripitaka Suthra”. The nation nuns who saw the wrong development of fictions were standing against with “ Pasanadeepawasi Upatissa Tero”. Though how many objections arose against to that situation , the invader who named as “ Nilawelandu” could silent all those objections through the battles  and arrange a project for destroy all national books. “King mahanama” also hide in Manawa area because of the fear for this situation. Just like this , so many incorrect fictions were written distort the history of “Hela”.

Historical real heritages of  previous buddhas who were named as “Kakusanda , Konagama , Kashyapa and Gauthama , was destroyed from Sri lanka as above, Sri Lanka has been called as “Oja Deepa” , “Wara Deepa” , “Manda Deepa” and “Hela Deepa”. Then it called as “Jambudweepa” since of birth of Buddhas, But Sri lankan history became gloomy situation because of the conveying the name “Jambudweepa” to India. But  it was easy to prove because the written fact in Sri Lanka.

There were so many editions and deletions in Sri Lankan history . namely , the facts which revel through the buddha preaches that beginning of “Mahasammata Rajawansa” was in Sri Lanka , editions and deletions details from the Mahawansa etc books about royal sons as “Rawana” , “Panitha’ , “Wessawana”. But it was easy to prove because of written facts. Anyway , our greatest ambition is to revel the hidden truth openly and clearly to the world.

“I visited India in 02nd August , 2002. and spent 28 days. In there I visited every place which called as Budda spent. But there were no fact in any place to prove it. And found   three facts cause for that.

There is no spreading situation of the ruins of buildings which concern as relate to Buddha season. Those were appearing as monuments  built using bricks in King Ashoka’s season. And there was a extra fact for those building to be limited for one place from the beginning. People became Buddhist and  used to be in “Dana ceremonies and those with the development of Maha sangarathnaya base on Lord Buddha. But there there is no remain live person of them. It’s a important fact to prove that Lord Buddha wasn’t in there. It’s nicely prove the above fact through these extra facts.





“Jaththagaraya” used for bath hot water after pasting herbal medicine and mud.

Ginihalgeya and Agni shala” were two names used for “Jaththagaraya”. From the beginning it was two places but later became to together. “Jaththagaraya” included in major temples Lord Buddha’s period and after Lord Buddha period too. Anuradhapura Mahaviharaya, Abhaya Giriya already show the proofs for after period “Jaththagaraya”.

“Jaththagara” was recommended by Lord Buddha to use by “Bukku Sangaya” to be good in  health. Major reason for recommendation was sickness of  “Bukku Sangaya” who lived in “Vishala Maha Nuwara”. “Sakman Maluwa” and “Jaththa Garaya” were proposed by doctor of Lord Buddha named as “Jeewaka Vayidya”. Lord Buddha agreed and recommended proposal because it affect for good health of “Bukku  Sanga Parapura”(“Chullawaggapali”).

The ruins of Jethawanarama Jaththagaraya which was built by “Sudhaththa Situ Thuma” still appear in Jethawanarama land with archeological proofs as bellow images.


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