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  1. Jayantha says:

    I also following this area. thanks for you. please if you can make me know with new things


  2. subhashinie kumari says:

    I honestly believe we can prove Lord Buddha was born in sri lanka as there are lot of evidences.

  3. Priyanka perera says:

    I have visited both p’aces of buddha gaya in india an sri lanka, In ariya oaryesana sutta Lord Buddha described the place he enlightened, In india there is no river close to sri maha bo tree, The only river that flows close is river Thalgu even it is 10 km from bo tree, In sri lanka hurulu oya flows very close to hiriwadunna bo tree and it was a big river before the era of Prakramabahu the great. And the surrounding of the hiriwadunna bo tree exactly match with the ariya paryesana sutra.

  4. subhashinie kumari says:

    Indasala cave should be situated in Lumbiniya, the birth place of Lord buddha where Lord buddha spent 16th ”was kalaya”, But in India Indasala Cave is situated near Rajgir in the state of Bihar but not in Lumbini. So this is another evidence that India got it all wrong. The problem is people do not read books properly. Although many of us are buddists we behave as though we are blind. And I thank you for opening our eyes,

  5. Sunil says:

    Every Buddhist must visit these sacred places to find out the truth and feelings.
    Hope my wish will full in the coming days!!!!!

    Sunil Jayasundera

    Also its worth reading ” Api Upan me helabima Budun Upan Jambuddeepayayi” by Meewala palane Siri Dhanmmalankara Himi

  6. Lakshman says:

    Good work.Appreciate if you can mention the name of the places with pictures.

  7. subhashinie kumari says:

    It was Alois Fuhrer who discovered lumbini inscription. But it was proved by Drs, Davis, Waddell, Smith Prof. Bajadi and many others tam inscription was incised by Fuhrer him self.
    Pl read lumbini on trial article on internet

  8. prabath says:

    I’m very interesting this area. I like to know more details.

  9. Sunil says:

    Thanks , We are getting update to our email ID
    Thats great improvement in the web.

    I wonder whether others too getting the same, so we can exchange ideas of new findings,
    we would like to see more photos and much more of this
    hidden treasure , which we have inherited.

    Great Work!
    Sunil Jayasundera

  10. H.L.Gunaratna says:

    Many thanks and appreciate your great efforts for exposing the truth. This will help people to develop Buddhist Teachings inherited.
    Many thanks.

  11. subhashinie kumari says:

    හාමුදුරුවන්ගේ පොත්වල තියෙන බුදුහාමුදුරුවන් සම්බන්ද සෙල්ලිපි හැමෝටම කියවන්න දාන්න

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