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Mukalan Gamuwe Pannananda himi.

Mukalangamuwe Pannananda Himi.
(Chief Advisor and Research Administrator in Jambudvipaya Organization).

I found these places and truth very amazing and spiritually. looking for ancient things and places is my habit. while I was looking for step by step I found very amazing hidden truth in my every research with my every experience I wrote a book and published it for civilians in this country.
Most of times I felt sorrow and I worried about much of places and ruins I found because people have destroyed, spoiled,  these ancient heritages because they don’t have value about these because they don’t feel value of these and specially they don’t have knowledge about value of these.
continue my journey with “Buddha Dharma” is the correct solution for these to realize truth. with “Dharma” it is good and easy to realize. never and none can realize about History of Sri Lanka with out “Buddha Dharma”. when follow and continue with balancing both there is no difficulty of understanding about reality. “Indian ruins and remaining are not gathered with Buddhism” realized while I was visited to India. because of this I attended more with Sri Lankan heritages and history. with my much attention I realized all heritages belongs to “Lord Buddha is in Sri Lanka not in India”. dedicated time and effort for this purpose. this is the real treasure of us.  we do not have greedy for this treasure we don’t want to sell of hide these treasure. our this courage effort is to introduce, explain and guide others for this treasure. and to gift this reality generation to generation.

Jambudvipaya Organization Research team.


In little age we learn Plus+, Minus-, Calculations but didn’t realize it is the spirit of our life. Most of among Us still don’t realize. Now it become realize. ambition of this is to explain how it become but our view is not to discuss about an aim or point.

Most of the time we can hear and read “San” in Buddha’s Pali Preachings.still it call asPreposition “Nipatha” but it is not only “prepositon”. It realize and teach deep meaning of Buddha Deshana and Dharma accordingly Collecting = Plus (Ekatu Kirima = Reskirima), all beings lives roal and round with collect. it is the meaning of deep.

Accoring to Lord buddha’s Preaching Nibbhana, Nivana can realize only if give up(“Kya”). according to Pali “SanKya” now not necessary to explain more and more.
If understood purely Lord Buddha’s preachings no need to worry about“where was lord buddha?” “Who was Lord Buddha?”

To bring your life success and understand most supporter is best friend (Kalyana Mithra). Join with best friend to understand reality.
The Preposition “San” bring the total Dharma deshana in to unit. it must understand. then it is very eazy to understand “Pali Language”. “Pali Language” didn’t use as language. from the begining nothing was explained in Pali Language. For that Hela Basa “Real Sinhala Language” used. All are blinded because no one could understand why Sinhala Alphabet use For Pali language?. it is a good explanation for Buddha was in Sri lanka not in India.

Buddha’s Deshana had to byheart. because if it used as “Pela”. it was the way how Lord buddha own for preaching. This deshana Paliya “Artha, Dharma, Nirukthi” categorised using “Hela basa”. “Hela Atuwa” was written for it.
Thinking Hela Atuva as Pali Language and Translated at last close the entrance for nibhana. The Pali Atuva which was done by Arahath Hamuduruwos. those are translated in to Indian Pali tradition and that way was not accepted by Mahanama King too in history. ignored the prohibit of kingand and the  translation was done by who followed the trust of god.
In the “Atuva” clearly explained all the Personal Names, Places which include in Nidhana tales of Buddha deshana which was preached by Lord Buddha. Using the epigraphical Stone Letters (“Sellipi”) all places were mentioned to visit and to warship.
Because of careless translation people and new generation misunderstood the real place was Sri Lanka.
We have started this web site to anounce the message of reality and to help every one warship exact Lord Buddha’s power gethered places and achielve Nibhana at the end of life.




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