Lord buddha's Birth , Buddha, First preach, Parinirvanaya map

Our Jambudvipa Organization begun unexpectedly no one planed about an organization.and also we do not have greedy for money, population, famous or do not want to become stars among this organization.

Our ambition is only one. and the best one. Follow , practically realize and guide actual Lord Buddha’s birth place and true Buddha Dharmaya for today and specially for next generation to generation in Sri Lanka and World. Bonded, depended and subsisted minds should change now and our New generation should understand the real treasure of Sri Lankan.

Unscientific, unrealistic, imaginations and fantasy every time rejected and reject in future too. filter and research about the realistic must do. our this journey is not hidden or secret it is open every time and welcome every one who think in competitive and spiritualistic every time  to gather with us to achieve this truth and treasure.

Appreciate and protect natural heritages, lakes, rivers, jungles, caves, Animals and Time to time day by day We give up dependency and We arise walk this journey as own way.

Lumbiniya“Indashala cave” is situated in “Bambaragala Rajamaha Vihara, Theldeniya, Kandy, Sri Lanka according to the “Shilalekana Sangrahaya”. “Idashala Guha ShagaSha” prove it clearly.


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